A microchip is a tiny computer chip, no bigger than a grain of rice! It contains a unique code that matches up to your pet’s details, which are registered on an authorised database. Microchipping a dog or cat is a quick and simple procedure, which takes seconds. If your pet was to ever go missing and found by a member of the public or authorities, they will wave a scanner over your pets neck to check for a Microchip, which then allows you to be contacted immediately so you can be reunited.

Microchipping Your Dog

Since 6 April 2016, it has been a legal requirement for all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales to be microchipped. Dog owners are also legally required to keep their pet’s details up to date with a registered database company.

  • Microchip your dog or puppy by the age of eight weeks old and have their details registered on a compliant database.
  • Ensure you keep your contact details up to date on the database if they were to ever change.
  • Pay a fee of up to £500 if your dog is not microchipped and registered with a compliant database.

Dogs in Northern Ireland are required to be microchipped as part of the conditions of the dog license.

A breeder must microchip puppies before they are eight weeks of age, which is usually before they go to their new homes. This means that the breeder must be the first registered keeper of the puppy, and they are breaking the law if they do not register the puppy by the time they are eight weeks old. They then should pass on the paperwork to the puppies new family.

It’s very important to transfer ownership and to register your puppy’s microchip with your contact details when you bring your puppy home.

If a breeder has not microchipped and registered the puppy before you take them home, and cannot give you evidence to show the reason for the delay, we would advise you walk away.

Did you know?

As well as microchipping, your dog should wear a collar and ID tag detailing their owners name and contact details.

Microchipping Your Cat

As of 10 June 2024 it will be compulsory for all pet cats in England to be microchipped.

For cat owners or keepers (the person who the cat normally resides with) this means that:

  • By 10 June 2024, any owned cat over the age of 20 weeks must be microchipped with the owner’s contact details registered on a compliant database.
  • If you are found to not have your cat microchipped by this date, you will have 21 days to comply otherwise you may face a fine of up to £500 if non-compliant.
  • It will not be compulsory for farm or feral cats with little to no interaction with people to be microchipped.