we need your support...

Our animals need your support… animals just like Louis.

Thanks to people like you, we managed to find a loving forever home for Louis. In fact, last year we found homes for over 1,000 animals that all needed essential veterinary treatment, medical support, food, shelter and exercise.

All of this costs us money and as a registered charity, we receive no government or local authority funding.

With ever increasing running costs we need your support more than ever.

  • A donation of £5 will help to microchip one animal.
  • A donation of £10 will provide shelter & care for a dog for one day.
  • A donation of £15 will pay to feed a cat for one month.
  • A donation of £25 will pay for a comfy bed for one of our dogs.
  • A donation of £35 will pay to spay a cat to prevent more unwanted kittens.

Please give generously to help us help even more animals and continue our work.

How? Simply click the button below to donate via JustGiving (you can donate via Paypal through JustGiving) and make a one-off or setup a regular donation.

Other Ways To Help

You can see a full list of ways to donate to us on our How To Donate page.

If you want to support us on a regular basis, we also have Sponsorship and Membership options available. Click the links to find out more.