We host a fantastic set of workshops aimed at helping new and existing dog owners improve the behaviour and relationships between themselves and their dog.

All workshops are delivered by Louise Downing of K9Communication. Louise has a long list of qualifications, including TTouch Practitioner P2, APDT Trainer, KC GCDS Approved Trainer, Dog A.I.D. Trainer and is a Pet Professional Guild Member. Not only that, but Louise also has over 20 years experience of training dogs and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every workshop.

These workshops are all designed to help you and your dog start to understand each other a lot better, and to work as a team. You can take a look at the available workshops, dates and request a booking form using the links below.

Animal Courses Direct

Animal Courses Direct are pleased to announce that they are running three live webinars to aid local animal rescue charities.

Each webinar is around an hour long with allocated time for questions and will cost £19.95, when you purchase your ticket you can select an animal charity to support with 50% of ticket sales being donated to the charity of your choice.

The available webinars are:

Dog Training | Friday 19th June @ 1pm | Find out more here
Dealing with Dog to Dog Aggression | Friday 26th June @ 1pm | Find out more here
Improving Welfare, Reducing Stress | Friday 3rd July @ 1pm | Find out more here