Your Sponsorship Can Make A Huge Difference

Your support is vital for us to continue to provide food, care and shelter for every animal that comes into our shelter. In 2019 alone, we rehomed 143 cats, 128 dogs and over 600 ex-battery hens into loving homes.

Shelter and Care

You’ll help us feed, shelter and care for unwanted cats and dogs until we find them the new home they deserve.

Every animal that comes into the shelter receives the highest standards of care from our staff and volunteers to ensure they have the best possible chance of finding their forever home as soon as they are ready to be rehomed.

Our kennels and cat pens are cleaned daily and monitored throughout the day to ensure each animal has a clean and comfortable environment.

Every animal also receives daily exercise and enrichment to help them be as stimulated as possible.

Veterinary Treatment

You’ll help ensure that every cat and dog receives essential veterinary treatment.

We provide high levels of care via our staff and volunteers, as well as making sure that each animal is visited by our local vet to highlight any potential issues and administer any veterinary treatments that are required.

Every animal is given flea and worming treatment, neutered as necessary, vaccinated, microchipped and cats are also tested for FIV / FELV.

Any further veterinary treatment is provided as and when required to ensure the good health of each animal.

A Brighter Future

You’ll help promote animal welfare and help ensure that every animal finds that loving forever home.

We will look after every animal that comes into our shelter and continue to provide the highest levels of care until they find their new home, however long that takes.

We work closely with community groups providing educational talks to promote animal welfare standards and the work that WARS do, encouraging positive communication and support for our work in a variety of ways.

Your support will also ensure that the shelter can continue to provide food, care and shelter for many more animals for many more years.