Softie Staffie Success Stories

Unfortunately Staffordshire Bull Terriers don’t always get the best press, often you will see negative stories about them, but we want to try and change peoples opinions on this loving, funny, socialable breed.

There are so many Staffies out there looking for new homes and we want to do all we can to help them.

We have asked families who have re-homed Staffies and Staffie crosses from us to write about their new family member and the joy they can bring.


This is Hazel, formally known as Piglet, a loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She was found as a stray, with no identification or microchip at the end of June 2014. As she was a stray, there was no previous information about her temperament but we soon found out that she is really bright and incredibly maternal. Hazel used to be very nervous when you asked for her paws but the more she trusted us, the better she became. Now, she knows sit, paw, other paw, down, roll over, sniff and ‘show me your belly’. She is learning how to crawl and she is also getting really good at bringing the mail on command. When Hazel sees any children crying, she will stare almost as if she is trying to understand what is going on. She is great with kids, even when they are pushing her a bit too far, she is always really patient. She also loves playing with the tennis ball and everyone says that she is probably fastest staffy they have ever seen. Hazel always takes care of us and will try to make us laugh when we are having a ruff day and, if we’re sick, she will stay close to us until we get better. Hazel is around 2 years and 5 months old now, and she is the best dog we could ever get. We love her a lot and would recommend Staffordshire Bull Terriers as they are the best example of a pet.


Me and my partner had only been living together for a few months but we felt ready to add a new family member, we came to the rescue shelter just to see the variety of dogs and if any took our fancy and we saw a few which were lovely. We noticed Cherry had no interest in her and we couldn’t understand why! She was the first dog we got to meet and she was the last. Once we got to stroke her and see her lovely smile that was it we knew she was the one we wanted to give a good home too and a fresh start. It’s been over a year now since we brought her home and she has gone from strength to strength, she trains well, she loves her walks and definitely loves a good cuddle! We can never sit on our own without her because she just has to be in between us both at all times. I have never known a dog to be so friendly and loving considering she never had the best start in life, I have never once seen her do anything all these people judge staffy’s on and make them out to be a terrible breed. She is our fur baby and she is perfect! We can’t ever imagine not having her around and we are looking to hopefully get her a friend in the future as she loves other dogs!


Griff is our 6th Staffie, the last 3 have been rescues. Staffies are the most friendly, easy going dog you can have. As you can see, once you’ve had one you begin to love the breed and know that what you hear about bull breeds in the press is rubbish. They are great with kids, very affectionate and they all have their own characters which is part of their lovely charm.

Our rescue Staffies have all been great. Our latest Griff settled in really well, loves his walks, loves people and LOVES his toys. At the moment he’s on his back lying by me having a belly rub after his walk!

This is our story….. We lost our last rescue Staffie in March and the house wasn’t a home without the pitter patter of Staffie paws. We saw Griff on WARS website a few weeks later and arranged to meet him.

We collected him on Good Friday, and having rescued two Staffies previously we knew that it can take time for them to settle into their new home. But Griff settled in as if he had always lived here. He has been no problem at all, he is such a sweet gentle boy. He loves his walks, riding in the car, he welcomes visitors with a happy tail and smile, he has so much love to give, but most of all he loves his toys! He has been in his forever home now for 8 weeks, and that’s where he will stay. (Griff is our 6th Staffie)