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Important Stuff About Me:

Peeper came in to us from a home where she was not suited to that environment. Pepper is a highly intelligent Patterdale cross staffordshire bull terrier. Her characteristics and size matches that of a patterdale terrier. Only her head shape give her the staffy characteristics. She has a beautiful staffy smile.

Pepper is a fun dog who will walk miles and miles with you and cuddle up in the evenings. She takes some time to trust you but once she does she is very happy to see you every time you walk by.

Pepper hasnt had the best start in life by any means and will require ALOT of work. Please dont think that she will be an easy dog. Pepper has issues building relationships. She is used to self entertaining herself and expresses coping behaviours to help her handle her living situation.

At the shelter we are working hard with her to help her realise that humans are good and working with them is beneficial rather than finding her own entertainment which results in undesirable behaviours.

Pepper will take some time to warm to a new owner and the team here will be here to help show you her training.

  • Will work for food
  • Will be a project to train
  • Adult only home
  • House Trained
  • Likes toys
  • Likes other dogs but needs to be the only pet in the household

All animals at Worcestershire Animal Rescue

  • Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed and Neutered.
  • Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine which type of home they should be rehomed to.