Meet Phil

14th April

I’ve made so many friends over the last couple of weeks. All the staff members are now my close buddies. Here is a picture of Tess walking me and how comfortable i am.

This goes to show how time and patience can accomplish a bond that will last forever.

13th April

Wooooooo look at me running in slow motion,

I’m loving life bouncing around with all my new dog and human friends.

I cant wait to do this in someones back garden when my forever home comes along. Nothing yet but if anyone wants to take a read about me they can look at:

10th April









I know, everyone is super impressed with me .. i got lots of reward for it and i this will be the start of my journey into becoming a house trained dog. It was made in to such a big deal that i wanna always do it outside!

8th April

Today i saw the vets to get my 1st Vaccination and to be microchipped. It took the team here awhile before they thought i was ready. Butttttttt, it went realllllly well, i impressed everyone here so much. Everyone is so proud of me.

Here is a picture of me basking in the sun waiting to be seen by the vets. Look how relaxed i am chilling with the cool kids. As you all know her by now there is Chloe on the left who i looooove. Doris the greyhound who is another new gal pal. Also Chris who i even approached to have a ear rubbed which was very brave of me.

5th April

Loving this sunshine at the moment. I had to find a place to get some shade. It is exhausting taking in all these new experiences and smells. I am loving it thought, using my brain to compute life and all that it involves.

1st April

I am offlead, loving life. With ma new gal pal Beech. I even played with toys and had a sprint around. Today was a good day

I created this collage of our time together today, take a look.

31st March

I have now also made a lady friend called Beech. She is really gentle and has taught me how to eat rabbit poo…. Its like a fine wine, it has a certain aroma to it that i finddd… *breathe inhale for sincerity…. quite appealing to a fine gentleman such as myself.

I am trying to act like a posh gentleman so that this pretty greyhound might be more than friends.. shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

30th March

Success once again im back out on the town. Look out boys and girls, look at me stride!!

I would like to thank my mum Chloe Badger, my mate The tooth fairy (because who does’nt love the tooth fairy) annnnnnnd Sausage. Any sausage companies wanna sponsor me? omnomnomnomnom.

27th -29th March

I have started going in and out of the kennel bit by bit using a long line lead and lots of rewarding with sausages for confident behaviours. It is important to make the distinct method which is, I am not being lured in to going outside with a treat as that creates a need for sausage every time people wanted me to go somewhere. Instead its a much more powerful learning technique if I decide to do these behaviours on my own and then I get rewarded for them.

I get rewarded when I show behaviours or movements that are confident and relaxed when moving in and out of the kennel, then in and out of the doorway.

26th March

Uh oh… Chloe S had two days not at the shelter, some well earned time off apparently.. but I don’t yet really know or trust anyone else.. So I have decided to stay in my kennel and take two steps backwards. This is a good point for anyone taking on a nervous dog. Sometimes we might slip and things get worse for us. But we count on you to help build us back up with patience and understanding.

17th -25th March

I took a tinker at the WARS website today and uploaded what I am looking for in a forever home. Fancy a peek? I wrote it in the 3rd person because i am just super special.

Phil loves other dogs, he reads their behaviour to know if the outside world is as scary as he believes it is. They really help him therefore we are looking for a home with another suitable dog. Although he wouldn’t be able to live with a cat.

Phil needs to be in an adult only calm home where he can leave to become the dog he wants to be. This adult only home will need to be willing to help train him and not leave him for more than 3 hours.

There is going to be a lot of novel experiences in the life as a pet that phil hasn’t been exposed to. Anyone looking to rehome him must understand that adjusting him will take time and patience and it wont just happen over night.

16th March

Omnomnomnomnom I murdered this toy! As a Lurcher have a bit of a prey drive, so it’s important that this is channeled in the right way. This can be through playing chasing games with toys and having fluffy toys that replicate what I would usually chase. Instead of trying to stop doggies like me from chasing wildlife which is an instinctive behaviour ingrained in my biology, my new owners should facilitate that need but through a desired way, using toys.

Toys like this one would realllly get me going. Or anything fluffy if your can make it seem like its running, then i will be happy to facilitate IT’S ATTACK!

15th March

I’M OUT IM OUT, LOOK AT ME GO. I’ve made a new doggie friend called Badger, hes a big greyhound and is now like my big brother. On my first trip out my tail stayed firmly tucked underneath me. But over the day I have gotten more and more confident.

14th March Lotsss of cuddles today. I even walked out of my kennel and towards to door to go outside. Then quickly scurried in for another cuddle. I am getting braver. What this space! Its gonna happen. The humans here know that I reallllly love other dogs and adapt their confidence on to myself. I am told this is tomorrows plan.

13th March

Today was a big step for me. I managed to have a lead clipped on to me. I was sooo nervous of it. I did not like the tactile feel of it brushing against me. But I overcame it and was ready to try again tomorrow. I have settled down in the kennels now and am looking forward to having the confidence to go outside.

12th March

Look loook looooooook. I have new clothing. My new fancy collar reads "Caution". This lets people know that i want distance. I know most people go up to dogs and hold their hand out for us to sniff, but for me and other dog this can be just to much and make us uncomfortable. We have a good sense of smell, trust me, we can smell you a mile off! So have a think before you go up to a dog you don’t know. Think of me and how scared I may be, the dog you are seeing may be just the same

11th March

Dear Diary, I am so confident around Chloe now that I will even fall asleep with her there Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz.

How cute am I??

6th March - 10th March

I am still super scared of leads. Chloes mission was to get me used to used to a harness so that when it came time to go outside I could be safe and secure. She would sit on the floor, feed me sausages while clicking the buckles on that scary felted harness device… but.. oOoOoOoOoOo sausages taste soo good so I guess that harness isn’t such a bad thing. When it makes noises, I gets foods :3 Oh Chloe you’re my fav.

Success! Look at me! I am wearing a big boys harness! I am ready to take on the world!

Even though I chewed this harness off me as soon as Chloe left, muhahahahaha

5th March

My new best friend Chloe realised that the inside of the kennels were too noisy and such a small space. She decided to feed me sausages in the outside runs of my kennel, actually in the kennel with me. This was very scary to begin with. I would come out to eat some sausages form the floor then scurry away :S And then SUCCESS. Look how confident I am, going up to another person to investigate. Until tomorrow, Goodnight diary.

All the best,

Kind regards,

Sleep well little paper bound book of my journey to success Phillip x

3rd, 4th March

I was learning how to cope in a kennel environment but nobody could get near me. I didn’t want to go outside or go near anyone. The staff came up with a training plan for me to help desenstise me to the world. I was assigned my main carer called Chloe S. You can see her on . She is my favourite person as she has really changed my life. But more of that later. The first thing Chloe did was simply to kneel outside the bars of my kennel and feed me tasty tasty sausages. Ooooo sausages… my tummy is rumbling. Right there and then my trust began to grow. I found myself understanding that not all humans are unpleasant scary beings.

2nd March 2020

I came to WARS in a van from another rescue who held strays in their kennels. I was so scared to even leave the van. I was absolutely petrified of a lead coming towards me. The staff here suspect that I might have been abused using a similar object :( Unfortunatly I can’t tell them my story and my background. On my way up to the kennels it took about an hour to gain the courage to take the step by step walk in to my new temporary home. I stood in the kennel left to decompress and try to relax. Later in the day staff came by to gently offer some chicken through the bars, but this was something I really was not ready for :S Until tomorrow.

1st March 2020

My name is Phillip, Phil to my friends. I came to Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter after I was found as a stray.

When I came in I was very very nervous and scared. The staff have been very patient with me to help me learn that not all humans are bad.

I first made friends with a staff member called Chloe. She was so kind and patient with me. It still took me a while to trust her but now she is my best buddy. I want to share with you my journey of how I am improving as time goes on :)