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Rather than donating funds to help us care for our animals, you can donate something specifically for our animals which can either help the dogs and cat directly or help the staff and volunteers offer the best care possible for dogs and cats.

Every item we add to our wishlists is carefully chosen by staff to ensure we have the right equipment, supplies, food, toys and treats, to ensure our animals are receiving the best possible care.

These lists are updated by our staff regularly with new items that are needed at WARS.

General Amazon Wishlist

We regularly update our general Amazon Wishlist, with essentials and the odd special treat to help us care for our animals. This list includes food, toys, treats, beds and general supplies to either help the dogs or cats during their stay, or help the staff carry out their work caring for the animals.

To view our General Amazon Wishlist, please click here

Isolation wishlist

With the Coronavirus lockdown well underway, we’ve put together a list of things we are in more desperate need of while getting supplies is difficult and we aren’t receiving item donations.

To view our Isolation Amazon Wishlist, please click here.

High Value Items Amazon Wishlist

We appreciate budgets are tight for everyone nowadays, but occasionally we are looking for items which are more high value to help us with our work here at WARS. Often we have to raise funds to buy more expensive items, so we decided to make a High Value Amazon Wishlist.

Here you will find items that are a little more expensive, so if you are looking to carry out a small fundraiser, or have saved up some money to donate to us, here you will find items that you can aim for.

To view our High Value Amazon Wishlist, please click here.

Amazon Smile

You can also support us through Amazon Smile. This means that Amazon will donate 0.5% of the money you spend on Amazon to us at no extra cost to you. If you would like to set this up click the button below!

If you use Amazon on your computer (rather than your phone) you can add an extension called Smilematic to your browser which will automatically redirect you to Amazon Smile when you load up Amazon. You can set it up here.

Instructions on how to set up Amazon Smile donations on the Amazon app for your phone can be found here.

Stella Agilty

Other items

Occasionally we are looking to purchase items that are more specialised and only available via specific websites. These tend to be bigger items that we may want to utilise for specific projects or to upgrade equipment or specific areas of the site here at WARS. Again all of these items are chosen for their quality and the difference they will make to the staff and animals here at WARS.

These items may be something you could fundraise specifically for if you are carrying out a fundraiser for WARS. Or, if your company wishes to donate to something more specific, these items may be of more interest. Of course, we are happy to acknowledge any donation, small or large, publically.

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