Firework Season

Hiding dog

It is coming up to that time of year that most pet owners dread. For the next couple of months, fireworks will be going off regularly and unfortunately, this can be distressing for many animals.

Here are a few of our top tips to help you to make your pet more comfortable.

Make your home a safe space. Keep curtains closed, turn the radio or tv volume up and keep windows closed. You can also create a little den for your pet. This can be a place where they can feel safe and secure. Use a crate for a dog, or even a large box. Cover with a blanket to add extra cover. You could even create a den with blankets over a table or sofa. Give your dog something to do. A puzzle game or a frozen Kong. Something to occupy them and help keep them calm. It’s a good idea to set these secure areas up in advance, so the animal does not associate it with when the fireworks start.

Try pheromones such as Pet Remedy, Feliway or Adaptil. These can help reduce stress and you can use plug in diffusers or sprays. Start using these products at least a couple of weeks before fireworks are due to start so again your pet does not associate the product with the fireworks. We do sell Pet Remedy at WARS.

For any pets with more severe reactions to fireworks, you can consider sedative medication. This can be prescribed from your vet, so consult your surgery for information and to chat with them to see if this type of medication is appropriate for your pet.

Try to act normal, don’t over fuss your pet. Keep them engaged with you; play with them using their favourite toy to keep them distracted.

Remember; keep your pets indoors on a night-time. Walk your dog before dark. Bear in mind some people set fireworks off early in the day, even if it is before it gets dark. Be vigilant and make sure if you are out with your dog, their collar and/or harness is secure.

Plan ahead of time. If you know your pet is fearful, have a plan of action in place and start preparing a couple of weeks in advance