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Important Stuff About Me:

Cody is located at Beagle welfare

This is Cody he is a 7 month old Beagle. He is a very affection and loving boy who only wants the please and have his ears rubbed. Although he is adorable, please look past these good looks and understand this is not so much a dog as a project. Cody has come to the shelter from a home environment that wasn’t suitable for him. Cody needed to be in an environment with someone who has experience teaching a exuberant puppy using current positive techniques. In Codys previous home his main issue was jumping up and grabbing on to peoples clothes, not just the owner but strangers in the street. This isnt an aggressive behaviour but an undesirable ill mannered one that can be overcome. While being here Cody has improved beyond what we expected but this is only the start to a longer journey. He is on a consistent training plan that is working well for him. If you were to go through the rehoming process the staff would teach you everything we are doing with him.

Currently we are in training with Cody and he is not ready to be rehomed, until we are certain that some of his behavioural issues are manageable once in a home. We are going to be taking in applications for him and then getting in contact with an the most suitable home for him. There will be a lot of applicants for Cody but please dont let that put you off, we need a lots of people to apply so that we can find him the best home. However, please read the ideal home section on this page to make sure you fit the criteria of the home we are looking for.

  • Will work for food
  • Bouncy
  • Fast Learner
  • Dog Friendly
  • Adult only home
  • Loves toys
  • Will be a project

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  • Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed and Neutered.
  • Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine which type of home they should be rehomed to.