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About Me

Meet Mia, this beauty came to us as a Stray via the dog warden. Sadly she wasn’t chipped or neutered and an owner didn’t come forward.

Mia we believe is a Dutch herder and is an extremely clever working breed. Dutch Shepherds are known for their intelligence and all-around competency they’re largely used in agility, working as watchdogs and in search and rescue, or herding, field training, police work, and just being a family companion in the right home. They are highly trainable and eager to please, however they need an experienced home and aren’t suitable for first time dog owners.

Mia, isn’t overly enjoying kennels and we are working hard to keep her as active and mentally simulated as possible, sadly there has been an increase in working breeds such as Mia coming into rescue as they have ended up in unsuitable environments, so it’s really important Mia’s new home is the right match.

Mia is looking for an adult only home with no other pets, she would suit an active training minded home that has experience with large working breeds and who can really give her the best possible life. Mia is very intelligent, people orientated and thrives with company and a job to do. Mia can be shy with new people and can get anxious when she is overwhelmed, however when she is comfortable and bonded with you, she is very affectionate and tactile and is glued to your hip.

Mia needs a home where someone is either working from home or has hybrid hours, as she has shown signs of separation and destructive behaviour in her kennel environment. Therefore she would not suit a home where she is left long hours, this would also have a big impact on her behaviour long-term. Mia adores tennis ball, and 1-1 training so she would suit a home where her new family wanted to do activities with her this would keep her super enriched and happy and make her an all-around happy dog. Mia is still learning about the big wide world, and we don’t feel she has lots of exposure to new experiences, so her new family need to be patient and understanding with her settling in to her new home and ensure her experiences continue be positive and rewarding. She is still a young girl and we are at hand to help settle Mia into her new home and chat through things in more detail.

We are constantly working with the dogs here on site and Mia has made leaps and strides with her dog on dog socialisation. At first it was clear that Mia has had very little exposure to other dogs. She now has a couple of friends here and also has a dog she is regularly let off lead with to play. She still has some work to do, but she is creating lots of positive interactions. We have also started some muzzle training with Mia, as she does struggle to be around small breed dogs. We think she could make a really good companion for a home with another established dog.

Our teams at WARS will discuss Mia’s training in further detail upon adoption and we are here to help transition, Can you offer Mia the home she deserves? If so we would love to hear from you!