Gromit – I’m in foster and hoping to stay

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About Me

Meet the gorgeous Gromit! This handsome, young Lurcher, sadly came into wars as a stray, not much is known about his history due to this, and despite this he is quickly proving himself to be a sweet boy that will quickly make friends with you. Gromit is seeking a loving [patient family with children 12+, he may be able to live with another dog but they would need to be the right match following meets at the shelter as Gromit enjoys play with other dogs, it’s ensuring we find the right balance with his dog friends to ensure they can live in harmony.

Gromit due to being a stray will have had limited training and socialisation, it is vital that in his new home this will continue being built upon, so that he can confidently go on adventures with his new family for years to come.

Gromit would like a home where they will be able to take him for some nice walks and potentially hire a secure field so that he can have a play off the lead. Although this isn’t necessary he is a dog that loves a good run, allowing him this opportunity in a safe environment. Gromit walks well on the lead but as he is young sight hound he does have some pretty drive and needs his new owner to be able to hold him comfortable if he was to use his full strength.

Gromit would also benefit from a family that will not leave him for long periods, he does have separation anxiety but is on some medication that is helping this in our care and our knowledgeable team are at hand to ensure he will transition into a home, Gromit has been in foster and does settle in well to home life, he can get attached easily so he does need structure and routine and his time alone built up very slowly. He would suit someone that works form home or has hybrid hours and able to have help in place so Gromit’s time alone is limited to begin with until he is more comfortable.

Gromit, has been doing so well with his training plan at the shelter, and has come a long way with us getting ready to find his forever family, he will certainly be a rewarding rescue dog, is he the one with you?