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About Me

Meet Coco,

Coco no doubt has captured your eye with her adorable appearance and attractive mixed breed aesthetics but Coco is looking for a very experienced patient home, that are willing to make many trips to WARS to make friends and to build a bond. Our knowledgeable team will be at hand to help her new family understand all her training , her new family should be willing to work with WARS to help transition her into her new home. Coco, is a very bright active young dog and has a lot of potential in the right home, sadly like many other trend breeds she hasn’t ended up in the right set up previously for her needs and being two very intelligent breeds she has developed some unwanted behaviors.  Coco is growing in confidence and developing her doggy skills with us here at the shelter, and now it’s time for her too build this with her new family. Coco, can be very wary and anxious to strangers, and needs gentle careful introductions to new people. Coco really bonds with her friends and is thriving at WARS, she has found a new passion for agility and she would really benefit from doing this with her new family in her new home or another job to keep her brain busy & engaged.


Coco is looking for an adult only home, with no other pets. She will need her new home to be in a low dog populated area where she isn’t overwhelmed with off lead dogs rushing up her, she can get frustrated on lead but is learning some vital skills and is developing her relationships with dog friends at the shelter, we are building this up for some off lead play over time.

It’s really important the next period of Coco’s life, is settled and she has a structured routine. She would suit a family that work from home or where will not be left for longer than 1-2 hours with her continued crate training. Coco is currently being muzzle trained for vet handing, and will need her new family to ensure her new vets are very patient and understanding with her.


Coco is very affectionate and sweet, when she trusts you and bonds really well with her owner she is a very interactive dog and will certainly be a rewarding companion, is she the one for you?