Products & Services

Photo of stall

We currently offer a few products and services for the public. We have plenty more ideas in the pipeline of things we can offer to aid the local community in the care and welfare of their dogs and cats.

Current services and products on offer include
  • A charity stall selling donated goods for cats and dogs and occasionally small animals, including collars, leads, wet food, dry food, treats, beds, baskets, dog coats, toys and much more. All of which are sold at a very reasonable price with all the monies coming straight to the shelter. The stock changes regularly depending on what we receive in donations from the public. If you do not see what you need on our stall please ask a member of staff as we have have it stored.
Arden Grange
  • Arden Grange dog food. We always have Chicken and Rice, Lamb and Rice and Senior in stock. We are able to order in Puppy, Light, Salmon and Sensitive when requested. All 12kg bags.
  • Arden Grange cat food. We usually have a stock of Kitten and Chicken and Potato 2kg bags. We can order in Salmon and Light upon request.
Pet Remedy
  • Pet Remedy. We now stock Pet Remedy, a natural de-stress and calming solution for all animals. We sell plug-in diffusers, refills and spray bottles. We regularly use in with our cats and dogs to help them in their kennel environment.
  • Gencon, an All-In-1 head collar and lead. We use these with some of our dogs to help with training them to walk well on lead. They are a effective and gentle way to aid with problems such as pulling on lead, lunging at people and dogs and a over excited dog, to name a few.
Perfect Fit Harness
  • Perfect Fit Harness, a made to measure harness designed to fit your dog perfectly. The harness is made up of 3 separate pieces to allow for a better fit and they are designed to be easy to put your dog without having to put over their head or lifting up their paws. We also sell collars and leads.

Please note that appointments are required to fit a Perfect Fit Harness to your pet, so please give us a call on 01905 831651 to make an appointment.

Why using these services helps us

If you use any of these services or buy any of these products ALL monies come straight back to the charity. We rely solely on donations and the generosity of the public, with which we could not continue our work with the animals of Worcestershire that need our help.