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Important Stuff About Me:

Cooper is an anxious dog that struggles to cope in stressful situations, he will need a calm home with someone who is looking to work on him just like any dog rehomed from WARS. He is very intelligent and will need mental stimulation to make him a happy boy. He can be left for small periods of time but nothing over 4 hours. He is house trained.

Cooper struggles with new people and being touched from people he doesn’t know. He mostly likely will never be able to go out and have strangers fuss him as he isn’t very trusting of new people. This is a breed trait but also ingrained in coopers personality.

Cooper came to the shelter from a home. He was struggling in the house with multiple dogs as he was picked on. Due to this he sees dogs as a very scary thing. With his time here cooper has been through training to make him more comfortable around other dogs. However, he does have a more to learn which we can help his new owners carry on his training. Cooper is a loving caring boy who gains loyalty from those who give him love. Like all Sheppards he can be cautious of new people. He will never be the type of dog you take to pub for everyone to stroke. Cooper needs time to meet new people as he is a shy boy.

  • 3 legged
  • Reserved

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